About Amanda Jones

Born in McAlester and raised in the beautiful pines of Wilburton, Oklahoma, I've lived in the country my whole life and love the great outdoors! I'm happily married to my husband of 21 years! Together, we have raised our 6 children in the small country setting of Stidham, Oklahoma. I love spending time with my family and fishing on beautiful Lake Eufaula. I fell in love with the people of our small town while working as a teller at our local bank. From there I continued my work at Eufaula Abstract, and later broadening my experience as a Landman for oil and gas companies. I was able to travel Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas researching the county land records. My experience brought me back to work in our home town at the county assessor's office. It was there that I learned the value of properties, taxation, agriculture breaks, and exemptions. My work experience, along with the joy of helping others, inspired me to become a real estate agent. I want to continue working and helping others to make their dreams a reality!

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