Land Ownership: The Ultimate Form of American Freedom 

Land ownership has always been a staple of American Freedom, even long before our time. Prior to our existence, this land was settled by our distant relatives looking to achieve freedom and create a life through landownership. Even before that, Native Americans inhabited this land not as “owners”, but as end-users of the land whose entire lifestyle, culture, and well-being, stemmed from the freedom of enjoying our nation’s land in its purest, rawest form. From the beginning of time, humans have always understood the importance of the land, whether it was through owning it or inhabiting it.

As we look throughout history, land has been at the center of everything we do. Wars were fought on this land, and for this land. Our food and water come directly from this land, and the plants and animals we harvest can exist only because of the land they inhabit. Land provides protection, privacy, abundance, and the allowance for self-sustainability. We build homes on it. We raise families on it. We gather on it. Our workplace is built on it, or for some, relies on it. We bury our loved ones in it. For many of us, it’s our home, our church, our grocery store, and our entertainment. It provides us with peace, mental fortitude, stress-relief, and spiritual fulfillment. It’s a place to watch the sun rise and set, while enjoying the sights and sounds of nature. It shows us things that literally cannot be observed from within the concrete jungle or stuck within our cubicles working for the man. These are indisputable facts, which have been proven over and over and over again throughout our human history.

Make no mistake about it… American land is still the hottest commodity on the planet. Turn on the news and you’ll see more migrants than ever taking advantage of the current administration to come get a piece of American freedom, or contrarily, perhaps to even erode it. Simultaneously we are working with buyers and sellers every day who want to buy land or own more of it. So how do we protect it? How do we preserve it? To me, that answer is simple and is a philosophy that I live by every day. SHARE THE GIFT OF LANDOWNERSHIP WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

How can we expect people to know about what it’s like to experience freedom through landownership if we’re unwilling to share our land with them? How can we expect them to defend and protect this land if they’ve never spent time on it? How can we expect them to understand the value of catching your own fish, harvesting your own meat, or reaping the reward of fruits and vegetables you sewed into the land by hand, if they’ve never experienced it? How can we expect them to fight against further development if they’ve never seen a sunset or a sunrise hand-painted by God? How can we expect them to appreciate the sounds of birds and bullfrogs if they’ve only ever heard the sound of sirens and the honking of horns? It is up to US as landowners to share these gifts with those that have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

Our society is changing rapidly, and I optimistically believe that the majority of Americans believe that freedom is about much more than choosing how many shots of espresso you want in your latte or being told that you no longer have to wear a mask to keep your job. Our society has been so brainwashed by the simple pleasures, luxuries, and amenities of every day life, that we confuse these things with freedom, even though it’s been shown that they can be taken away from us in a heartbeat. Then to top it off, government induced inflation makes these exact pleasures, luxuries, and amenities nearly unaffordable, proving that we are actually moving further from freedom instead of towards it. So how to we attain freedom?

If you want true freedom, you buy land. Grow food on it. Drink water from it. Harvest game on it. Raise your family on it. Make memories on it. Build wealth from it. And in the midst of all these things, you choose to defend it. If you want to defend freedom, defend our land in America. If you want to defend the land in America, help people understand the value of the land in America. If you want to understand the value of the land in America, go experience it for yourself, and the value will become clear.

If you need help experiencing land and the benefits of owning rural real estate, Arrowhead Land Company is here to help you. Arrowhead Land Company is a premier rural real estate brokerage who is becoming well known as “America’s Rural Real Estate Brokerage”. We understand the value of the rural lifestyle, and our values are deeply tied to it. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to continue “Inspiring American Freedom Through Landownership”.

With Gratitude,

Andrew Schultz
Arrowhead Land Company, LLC

Co-Founder, CEO, Managing Broker