Matthew Schultz

At a very early age, I was introduced to the outdoors with the help of my family. Having four older brothers to guide me along the way, I have been taught the true value of the land and the enjoyment the great outdoors can bring. Growing up as the youngest in the family, I have always been pushed to be the best competitor and person I can be. I was blessed to be able to play college football where I was reminded everyday that putting in the work does not mean showing up. I learned that the work continues even when practice is "finished." From being in the outdoors with my family to being part of a college football team, I have had the opportunity to showcase strong work ethic, passion, dedication, and faith. I have learned the value of hard work, and I use work ethic and humility to achieve the results I'm seeking. I make sure clients are taken care of with the quality marketing services that I can provide, and by having a real estate license, I'm positioned to help you however you might need.

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